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AirSmart Boiler Stove Controllers

The AirSmart boiler stove controller does a lot of things for you. Firstly a door sensor is fitted to your stove which tells the controller when the door is open. When the door of your stove is open a lot of air from the room is sucked out by the chimney and this all needs to come from somewhere. If you live in a well sealed house then unless you fit a permanently open air vent to the room then what can tend to happen is that the stove smokes into the room. But you don't want a permanently open vent to a room in the house that many people tried hard to make airtight. The AirSmart gets over these problems by opening a vent to the room from outside only when the door of the stove is open.

A temperature probe in the stove boiler tells the unit how hot the water is. The unit has an electric air damper which you fit to the direct air inlet of the stove, or just inline to the air supply duct. This lets the unit control the burn rate of the stove. As the water reaches the target temperature the controller will start to turn the stove down, and vice versa.

If there is a powercut the controller can turn the stove right down and open the vent to the room for added safety.

The Controller can also switch on the stove pump as well as control your central heating pump and various other useful functions.
Model DiameterPrice
AirSmart Boiler Stove / MVHR Controller 100100mm£534.00 inc. VAT
AirSmart Boiler Stove / MVHR Controller 125120mm£582.00 inc. VAT
AirSmart Boiler Stove / MVHR Controller 150150mm£702.00 inc. VAT