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AirSmart Woodburning Stove Controllers

An AirSmart stove controller helps to control the burn rate of your stove without you needing to touch it and can eliminate the need for a permanently open vent to the room (assuming you pick the right stove - we can help with that). That makes it run more efficiently and if it's getting too hot will automatically turn it down for you. 

When you open the door of your stove to refuel a lot of air needs to rush up the chimney. That air all needs to come from somewhere. In a well sealed house that can mean having a permanent vent in the wall which is the last thing you want in the home you've just spent time and money on sealing well. 

The AirSmart has a second vent which it opens when the door of the stove is opened to allow a flow of air into the room. When the door of the stove is closed the vent also closes leaving the stove supplied with the air coming via a direct air duct. 

So your stove will run better, be safer and your room will be warmer and have less draughts - all without you having to actually do anything.
Model Price
AirSmart Dry Stove Controller 100mm£510.00 inc. VAT
AirSmart Dry Stove Controller 125mm£522.00 inc. VAT