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The Stovesonline kilowatt calculator will give you a rough idea of the maximum heat output in kW needed for any room. If the room has stairs leading off it, is badly insulated, or has many windows/doors then you will need to adjust the heat output needed upwards. Enter the rooms dimensions below in mm or feet.

KiloWatt Calculator
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A note about the types of houses on here:

Uninsulated: is either a townhouse with double brick walls, single glazing, uninsulated roof, and poor draughtproofing, or a farmhouse with stone walls (and the rest of the details the same).

Uninsulated Townhouse with cavity: has cavity walls, single glazing, 50mm roof insulation, and poor draughtproofing.

Renovated Townhouse without cavity: has double brick walls, double glazing, 100mm roof insulation, draughtproofing and floor insulation.

Renovated Townhouse with cavity: has insulated cavity walls, double glazing, 100mm roof insulation, draughtproofing and floor insulation.

Newbuild: is a house built to current building regs.

Passive House: is a mega insulated house with heat recovery insulation and the works.

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