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Can you send me a brochure?

We can definitely send you a brochure. 

Just tell us which make(s) of stove you're interested in and we'll pop them in the post. We send them out first class and in paper envelopes. 

Please do consider the environment - most brochures are available as a pdf here on the website you just have to visit the type of stove you are interested in and you should see a link to the brochure. So hopefully that can help to narrow down your choices before we send you a hard copy. We're also happy to talk you through the options to help you find just the right thing.

Send us a message

Please allow up to 48 hrs for us to come back to you - although we're usually quicker than that.

You can ring on 0800 246 1250
Or email info@stovesonline.co.uk