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Aga Utility Direct Air Stoves

Your stove needs air to burn. If it can't be connected to an external air supply then it takes that air from the room - and that air has to get in somewhere, which means you end up sucking in cold outside air into your home.

Here we have Aga Utility Direct Air Stoves that can be connected to an external air supply. You simply run a duct to the outside and connect it up to the stove, usually at the back.

We list the stoves as either Partial, where only some of the combustion air is supplied via the external duct, or Total, where all of the combustion air is supplied through the duct.

We also list whether the stove is Air Sealed, meaning that openings in the stove itself have been sealed so as to minimise air leaks through the stove, important for air tightness and newbuild pressure tests.

Our technical team will be pleased to talk about the specific requirements for your project, we are always happy to help.

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