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Do you need a chimney for a stove?

Internal twin wall flue installation design service

Yes you do need a chimney for a wood burning stove. You can use an existing chimney or if you don't already have one it's easy to make a new one.

Your stove needs the chimney to "suck" air through it for it to work properly. This sucking of the chimney is called the draw and you can think of the chimney as the engine of the stove. The chimney also needs to keep your home safe from heat - although a modern stove exacts a lot of heat from the flue gasses it can still be from 150-300 degrees inside the chimney depending on the type of stove. If you have a chimney fire then the temperature inside can rise to 1000 degrees or more and so the chimney needs to be able to cope with that. A chimney fire is very unlikely to happen if you keep your chimney well swept and burn nice dry wood.

We have a free Flue Design Service that you can make use of. A few simple details are all we need to design a safe, compliant flue system for you. Here is a link to our Flue Design Service

Once you have your design from us you will know what the materials are going to cost. An installer can then come on a site visit to double check the dimensions and price up for the labour for the installation.