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EcoDesign and beyond

EcoDesign and beyond

2 years ago

We've often been pushing for better technology and approaches in our industry, and not just by providing top notch service. We were selling high efficiency wood boiler stoves that could go on pressurised systems years ahead, we have thermal stores that we designed ourselves to make them better suited to renewables, we have solutions for stoves in airtight and passiv haus homes, the list goes on.....

By the beginning of 2021 we were only selling EcoDesign compliant stoves and boilers - a full year ahead of schedule. EcoDesign sets strict limits on emissions and minimum efficiency and is due to come into force in the UK (and across the EU) in 2022. The simple graphic shows the comparative particulate emissions of a fireplace, an old stove, and an EcoDesign stove. We phased out our old stock of non-EcoDesign models in 2020 in preparation, and made sure that the models of our own brands were all compliant. In fact many of our own stoves do far better. 

This is all part of a drive to be more responsible and sustainable as a business, and to help drive further improvement.

But of course things never stand still - so 2022 will see further initiatives to drive down particulate emissions because that is the most important topic that the stove industry needs to deal with.

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