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EcoDesign Ready Stoves
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Ecodesign sets out strict limits on emissions and minimum efficiencies for wood burning stoves. The legislation is due to come into force in the UK in 2022, but we're going one step better by adopting EcoDesign a year ahead of schedule. We're already phasing out non-EcoDesign stoves and by the end of 2021 we will only sell EcoDesign stoves (apart from any last few remaining models). Stove manufacturers are responding well to this and so there are already many models that meet the regulations ready for EcoDesign. For example all Opus stoves are already EcoDesign Ready.

You might like to read more in depth information about Ecodesign regulations for stoves.

Browse through the EcoDesign Ready stoves below, and do remember we are here to help you with any questions.

Opus Aria Stove

Opus Aria Stove

£1,430 inc. VAT

Elegant, curved and compact, the Opus Aria is a lovely 5kW wood stove.

Opus Calypso boiler stove

Opus Calypso

£2,454 inc. VAT

The Opus Calypso is a stylish modern stove that looks and burns like the designer stove it is, but hidden inside is a boiler that will heat your domestic hot water and more while you’re enjoying the flames.

Opus Melody stove

Opus Melody

£1,550 inc. VAT

The Opus Melody is a design classic, a lovely cylindrical stove that burns beautifully and very efficiently.

Opus Melody G

Opus Melody G

£1,790 inc. VAT

The glass-covered door of the Opus Melody G gives it that slightly reflective and deep black look that I really like.

Opus Melody GLS

Opus Melody GLS

£1,695 inc. VAT

The Opus Melody GLS has the glass-covered door and the log store underneath - a nice combination, and handy too.

Opus Melody LS Stove

Opus Melody LS

£1,455 inc. VAT

The open log store compartment under the firebox of the Opus Melody LS is a handy addition and the wood looks nice too all stacked up.

Opus Tempo 100 stove

Opus Tempo 100

£2,365 inc. VAT

For lovers of fire. The Tempo 100 crackles with glorious rolling flames and fulfils our primeval need to bring heat and passion into our lives.

Opus Tempo 100 Double Sided Inset

The Opus Tempo 100i DS

Opus Tempo 100 DS stove

Opus Tempo 100 DS stove

£3,200 inc. VAT

Opus Tempo 100i inset stove

For lovers of fire. The Tempo 100 crackles with glorious rolling flames and fulfils our primeval need to bring heat and passion into our lives.

Opus Tempo 60 Stove

Opus Tempo 60 Stove

£1,585 inc. VAT

Clean, linear and compact, the Opus Tempo 60 is the smallest in the range and can go where the larger models cannot. The Tempo 60 is a 4.8kW, A rated woodburner. 

Opus Tempo 60i inset stove

Opus Tempo 70 stove

Opus Tempo 70

£1,615 inc. VAT

The smallest of the Opus Tempos yet it has the biggest window of any 5 kW stove on the market.

Opus Tempo 70 Double Sided Inset

The Opus Tempo 70i DS Planning a new house or refurb? There is the opportunity to learn a lot, and see Opus stoves on display, at the National Self Build and Renovation Show 2018

Opus Tempo 70 F stove

Opus Tempo 70 F

£1,615 inc. VAT

The Freestanding version of the popular Opus Tempo 70 woodburning stove.

Opus Tempo 70i inset stove

Opus Tempo 80 stove

Opus Tempo 80

£1,955 inc. VAT

A beautifully proportioned stove to fill your house with firelight.

Opus Tempo 80 Double Sided Inset

The Opus Tempo 80i DS

Opus Tempo 80 DS stove

Opus Tempo 80 DS stove

£3,000 inc. VAT

Opus Tempo 80i inset stove

Opus Trio stove

Opus Trio

£1,670 inc. VAT

The round shape, discrete handles and unrivalled view of the fire all combine to produce a superb looking stove. With the logs below and the curling orange flames above, the Trio fills any room with warmth, light and relaxation