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Wood Burning EcoDesign Ready Stoves

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Ecodesign sets out strict limits on emissions and minimum efficiencies for wood burning stoves. The legislation is due to come into force in the UK in 2022, but we're going one step better by adopting EcoDesign a year ahead of schedule. We're already phasing out non-EcoDesign stoves and by the end of 2021 we will only sell EcoDesign stoves (apart from any last few remaining models). Stove manufacturers are responding well to this and so there are already many models that meet the regulations ready for EcoDesign. For example all Opus stoves are already EcoDesign Ready.

You might like to read more in depth information about Ecodesign regulations for stoves.

Browse through the EcoDesign Ready stoves below, and do remember we are here to help you with any questions.

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Below are some of the Wood Burning EcoDesign Ready Stoves that we supply.
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Esse Warmheart Stove

Wood Burning Traditional EcoDesign Ready Stoves (1)

Morso 6148 woodburning stove

Wood Burning Contemporary EcoDesign Ready Stoves (142)


Opus Tempo 80 Double Sided Inset

Wood Burning Inset EcoDesign Ready Stoves (36)

Dovre Sense 200 woodburning stove

Wood Burning Free Standing EcoDesign Ready Stoves (117)

Hoxter HAKA 67-51W inset boiler stove

Wood Burning Boiler EcoDesign Ready Stoves (18)

Esse Warmheart Stove

Wood Burning Cooker EcoDesign Ready Stoves (2)

Opus Tempo 80 DS stove

Wood Burning Double Sided EcoDesign Ready Stoves (15)

Skantherm Elements Stove

Wood Burning Corner EcoDesign Ready Stoves (1)

Carbel Atlas Oven Stove

Wood Burning Has Oven EcoDesign Ready Stoves (1)

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