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CO2 fuel emissions

CO2 fuel emissions

Here are the CO2 emissions of various types of heating system. You can see that there is a distinctly renewable end to the graph with wood logs, wood pellets, and heat pumps way ahead of the fossil fuels because of their low CO2 emissions. A heat pump powered by the national grid isn't quite as good as wood heating (but very nearly), and a heat pump on a 100% renewable electricity supply is very good indeed.

Heating accounts for a big share of domestic CO2 emissions. Upgrading the insulation in our homes, as well as first

Heating Typekg CO2/kWh
COP 3 Heat pump, powered renewably0.002
Renewable electricity0.006https://www.carbonbrief.org/solar-wind-nuclear-amazingly-low-carbon-footprints
Wood chips0.026From SAP 2019
Wood logs0.035From SAP 2019
Wood pellets0.059From SAP 2019
COP 3 Heat pump, powered by the national grid0.072
National grid electricity0.215https://www.nationalgrideso.com/news/eso-data-shows-record-breaking-year-britains-electricity
Mains gas0.233From SAP 2019
Bulk LPG0.267From SAP 2019
Heating oil0.331From SAP 2019
Anthracite coal0.494From SAP 2019