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Both the register plate and the supporting brackets are made from 1.5mm thick galvanised steel which will resist corrosion. Both the register plate and the brackets can easily be sprayed on site with matt black heat resistant spray paint.

Register Plate Installation

The Supporting brackets need to be cut to the length and width of the base of your chimney stack. Drill a number of holes in the brackets and attach them by screwing into the brickwork. Next, cut the Register plate to size; make sure that the pipe hole is vertically above the stove pipe.

After that, drop the register plate onto the supporting brackets. Once complete, seal any gaps between the brickwork and brackets using fire cement or high temperature sealant. Please note, for 150mm diameter installations, remove the centre cover ring by undoing the two retaining screws.

If you are backfilling around the liner with Leca or vermiculite then chose a plate without access hatches.

Register Plate Maintenance

If you have an unlined chimney then you should choose a plate which has an access hatch for sweeping access. When you sweep the chimney you remove the inspection hole cover plate and at the same time hoover or sweep any debris that has fallen on top of the register plate.

With a lined chimney you can sweep straight up through the liner, but you may still want an access hatch so that you can clean any debris that may have fallen on top of the register plate and so that you can visually check your liner.

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REGISTER PLATE F - 900x495 no sweeping access hatch - Ø 125 or 150 flue hole

495mm900mm£86.24 inc. VAT

REGISTER PLATE G - 900x495 2 sweeping access hatches - Ø 125 or 150 flue hole

495mm900mm£97.73 inc. VAT

REGISTER PLATE H - 900x600 plain sheet steel no sweeping access hatch or flue hole

600mm900mm£89.96 inc. VAT

REGISTER PLATE J - 900x600 no sweeping access hatch - Ø 175 or 200 flue hole

600mm900mm£76.57 inc. VAT

REGISTER PLATE K - 900x600 no sweeping access hatch - Ø 175 or 200 flue hole

600mm900mm£85.74 inc. VAT
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