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How much does a bag of wood pellets cost

The cost of a bag of wood pellets depends on how you buy them. Pellets can be delivered in bags of various sizes, usually 10kg bags, 15kg bags and one tonne dumpy bags. A one tonne pallet of smaller bags is likely to cost around 5p - 6p per kWh including delivery. Of course it depends on the supplier you choose. So that makes a 10kg bag around £5.50 and a 15kg bag around £8.25.

As to how long a bag will last - that's a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question. It all depends on how much heat your home needs and how much hot water you use. In the winter I get through about a bag a day. You can work it backwards from your current fuel bills - look up how much you are using at the moment, use google to convert those figures to how many kWh you are using and then divide that by 4.8 (roughly the number of kWh in a kg of wood pellets) to see how many kg of pellets that would be.

Most people like yourself get in touch with us and we can talk you through everything and help to estimate how many pellets you will need in a year when you make the switch.

wood pellet delivery truck
Wood pellet truck. Photo: Forest Fuels Ltd.

Pellets can also come by truck where they are tipped out from the truck or blown through a tube into a wood pellet store. Often these wood pellets can only be ordered at a minimum quantity but it works out cheaper if you have the space. You have to have a dedicated pellet store which can be either inside or outside your house.

wood pellet blown delivery
Wood pellet blown delivery - an easy way of filling your pellet store.
Photo: Forest Fuels Ltd.

Do get in touch with us to learn more about heating your home with wood pellets, we're here to help.