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Internal twin wall flue installation design service

An internal twin wall insulated flue system goes straight up from the stove, through any floors and/or ceilings in the house and then through the roof. Where the flue goes through the roof a flashing keeps everything watertight. The roof penetration is usually the part that customers are most concerned about, however it is not a difficult job and it is easy to make a weatherproof seal around the flue and roof using one of our ranges of flashing. An internal flue system is kept warmer than an external one and therefore keeps the flue gases hotter, resulting in better draw and less tar deposits.

It is cheaper, quicker and easier to install an internal twin wall flue system than an external system. The internal system does not require a hole in the wall or expensive bends and tee pieces.

For our flue designers to design your internal flue system using insulated twin wall flue pipe we will need a few details and measurements from you. The big link below will take you to our application form where you can enter these details.

It can take a little bit of time to gather the measurements and details that we need - to help out we have made a printable checklist which you can find as a pdf at the bottom of this page.