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Invicta Heat Shields

Invicta Heat Shields are made of cold rolled steel, and have a high temperature matt black paint finish. In the picture above the Invicta Ove stove is shown with the large 800mm x 960mm heat shield behind.  To comply with UK regulations a stove needs to be sitting on a hearth. There are two sizes of Invicta Heat Shield to choose between.

Due to size, we send these heat shields using a pallet.  Standard delivery within mainland England is £46.

800 x 960 x 50mm

800 x 460 x 50mm

Model WidthPrice
INVICTA HEAT SHIELD 800 X 460 X 50MM460mm£140.00 inc. VAT
INVICTA HEAT SHIELD 800 X 960 X 50MM960mm£185.00 inc. VAT