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Kids for Kids project - helping people in remote Darfur

Kids for kids darfur charity new goats loaned to families

Kids for Kids is a charity helping people in villages in remote Darfur. They have have a 'help people to help themselves' approach and achieve this in a variety of ways. Goats are loaned to families and after two years they pass on 6 of the offspring of those goats to the next family, so a single goat will soon become many. Midwives and first aid workers are provided which means minor problems do not escalate, hand-pumps provide drinking water, farm equipment, tools, and beasts of burden make farming more viable, tree planting decreases erosion, blankets and mosquito nets mean children sleep warmer and safer at night, and a lot more.
We donate the equivalent of one goat and one blanket a month, although we have left Kids for Kids free to use the funds as they see best. Why not visit the Kids for kids website where you can find out more and make a donation if you feel like it.

Kids for kids darfur charity blankets and donkeys given to people in need goats loaned