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Klover Wood Pellet Air Stoves

Klover Air Wood Pellet Stoves

The Miss and Lady Air are beautiful and elegant pellet stoves with the latest wood pellet technology for convenient and controllable heat.

Klover Dea Wood Pellet stoves

The Dea pellet stoves from Klover are fully automated and come in three different sizes.


Stay warm, stay green. Klover Mono Pellet Stove offers sustainable heating with a touch of elegance. Explore the next level of home comfort.

Klover Soft Wood Pellet Stoves

The Soft pellets stoves are among the quietest on the market with their convection technology.

Super Pellet Stoves

The Klover Pellet Super 7 and 9 are wood pellet stoves designed to efficiently heat your home.

Wave Insert Pellet Stoves

Wave Insert pellet stoves can be tucked away within a wall, creating an authentic feature in any living space.