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Opus Trio Stoves

Opus Trio D
Opus Trio D£2,475.00 inc. VAT

Indulge in the exquisite aesthetics of the Trio D stove. Its sleek round shape, discreet handles, and unrivaled fire view create a stunning focal point.

Opus Trio stove
Opus Trio LS£2,390.00 inc. VAT

The round shape, discreet handles and unrivalled view of the fire all combine to produce a superb looking stove. With the logs below and the curling orange flames above, the Trio fills any room with warmth, light and relaxation

Opus Trio Scala Gas Stove
Opus Trio Scala Gas Stove£3,465.00 inc. VAT

The Trio Scala runs on natural gas and gives you the look and feel of a wood stove, but fully remote controlled.