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Renewable Heat Incentive RHI

It's a great opportunity to have a warm house, move away from oil or gas to a clean and renewable form of heating and be paid by the government to do so. Phone us on 01803 712721 and we'll give you the information you need and calculate the size of your grant.

Not only do you get the benefit of installing a stunning Klover wood pellet boiler, but you also earn money from it.

If you apply for the domestic RHI now, you will receive the 6.97 pence per kW tariff until the end of the year (capped at 25,000kW per annum). Below are estimates of the amount that you could earn over a 7 year period by installing a Klover pellet boiler in your home:

Klover pellet boiler feed in tariff
The boilerYou would earn (estimated)
Belvedere 16£11,222
Belvedere 22£12,198
Diva Slim£9,758
PFP 18 Inset£9,758
PFP 22 Inset£11,222
Smart 80£12,198
Smart 120£12,198
Ecompact 150£9,758
Ecompact 190£11,222
Ecompact 250£12,198
Ecompact 290£12,198

Contact us to find out how you can benefit and earn by choosing a Klover wood pellet boiler.

RHI in more detail.

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (known as the Domestic RHI) will continue to pay generous grants to householders who heat their house and hot water using renewable technologies like heat pumps, solar panels, wood pellet stoves with back boilers. The idea is that this will help reduce our carbon emissions, lower our heating bills and help the government reach their renewable targets.

For biomass boilers like wood pellet and log gasification they plan to pay a tariff amount for every kWh produced over a seven year period. The appliance must be accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and fitted by an MCS accredited installer.

The scheme is open to home owners, private and social landlords and people who build their own homes. There is no longer a requirement to complete a Green Deal assessment but you will still need to have a Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) within the last 2 years of applying.

We reserve the right to alter information on government grants without prior notice and always stress to potential customers that they should make their decision to go for a renewable energy source based on the savings that are achievable through the cheaper cost of the fuel and treat any grants as a bonus.