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Stove Installers

When you chose to work with us it doesn't just stop at the sale. We can put you in touch with qualified installers who will be able to do a site survey and carry out the installation work. Our flue and chimney experts can talk through the installation with the installer and help overcome any problems if they arise. Once installed we are available for advice on how to get the most from your stove.

We have an internal national database of stove installers that we use to find you a local installer. We will be familiar with the work of most of these installers but some we won't be familiar with. When we pass you the contact details of a local installer this is not to be taken as a total recommendation of them as an installer, nor are we able to ensure that every installer has kept their qualifications up to date. For that reason it is important that you ask any installer for their identification and to see the ID card issued by their governing body. This will detail their HETAS, APHC or NAPIT number and competences and, should you wish to check these, it is straightforward to contact their governing body.

If you are a stove installer and/or a stove heating engineer and would like to register with us then please click the link below to fill out the simple application form.

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Some of you will be self-installing, or will get your builder to do the work.
However, an experienced stove installer will know their job inside out and may well install your stove faster and better. If in doubt we'd recommend opting for a registered stove installer.
If you have a central heating stove (with a backboiler) then the system needs to be commissioned by a registered stove installer who is qualified to install such 'wet systems'. That makes sense as these systems are that bit more complex.

Competent Person Scheme stove installers

Various companies and organisations offer a "Competent Person Scheme" course and accreditation for the installation of stoves and flue/chimney. The advantage of using an installer who is a "Competent Person" (other than the fact that they will be familiar with installing stoves safely is that you do not then need to pay to have the installation inspected by a building control officer - the installer registers the installation with their certifying body and your local building control department will be notified.

Of the various Competent Person Scheme training and registration bodies in the UK HETAS is by far the one that concentrates on stoves and chimneys the most. They run a lot of courses for stove installation, boiler stove installation as well as flue and chimney installation. They develop new guidance to keep pace with industry innovation, work on the standards and regulations, help to maintain and improve safety standards.

Firepower is the trade side of our business and as part of that I sit on the Hetas technical committee and various others which work to make sure Hetas itself stays abreast of developments in the industry and to develop and improve regulations, guidance and British Standards. It's been a pleasure getting to know them better and I must say their aim is really to try to promote safety and best practise.

Some other organisations that provide training and certification are NAPIT, APHC, BESCA, NICEIC and OFTEC. The certification they provide is equally valid, I don't mean to put any of them down when I say that HETAS is the one that most concentrates on stoves - the others also provide training and certification in others fields like electricity for example so their spread is a little wider.

When you choose to work with us we can put you in contact with a local installer as part of the process of getting your stove installed safely and right. If you'd like to register to be on our internal database please use the link to the application form below.

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