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Stove only installation design service

Perhaps you already have a liner in place, or a pumice chimney or you've had your existing chimney inspected and given the okay. If so then we can help design how to connect your stove up to the chimney, no problem. Of course we can also work through how big your hearth has to be and the clearances needed around your stove.

We generally don't advise just installing a stove on an uninsulated chimney because of potential problems caused by tar deposits - it's usually a much better idea to install an insulated liner and the chimney will tend to work better too.
When installing a stove to an existing masonry chimney only the single skin flue pipe runs from the stove up to the register plate.The register plate has an access hatch for sweeping.

Stove only Installation Design

stove installation measurements

We can work out what components you will need to install a stove if you let us know the answers to the following questions (Please include your name and telephone number):

  1. The height from the hearth where the stove will stand to the register plate________
  2. If you do not have a register plate that you will be keeping then please include register plate measurements as detailed below
  3. Internal fireplace measurements (height, width, depth)___________
  4. Is the lintel above your fireplace made of wood?________
  5. Would you like to use enamelled flue pipe or stainless steel?________
    If stainless then would you like some heatproof black spray?________
  6. Which flue exit point on the stove will you use (top or rear)?__________
  7. Stoves flue outlet size and flue outlet height __________
  8. Your name and contact details including phone number

Please include your name and telephone number and a sketch of the installation if you feel it would help. If you are sending plans or drawings you must write in the measurements as the scale often changes when they are emailed.