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Transport emissions

The emissions that result from the delivery of our products is currently something that is very hard to deal with and is something we can influence, control.

Quantifying our transport emissions

We have an ongoing project to quantify the emissions from the pallet deliveries that we book. The aim is to show these as part of our checkout process and provide a calculation tool which will then allow you to offset those delivery emissions via a number of projects. This is work-in-progress and is not yet complete.

General offsetting

We subsidise fuel efficient stoves on a monthly basis. This reduces deforestation as well as improving the lives of the people who use the stoves because they need less fuel AND it reduces CO2 emissions. We do not quantify this, nor claim to have carbon neutral deliveries, but at least we are doing something.

Offsetting parcel deliveries

We book a lot of our parcel deliveries through P4D. P4D have teamed up with OxTreeGreen so they offer a service by which they calculate the CO2 emissions as a result of that delivery (based on the weight of the parcel and the method of transport used) and then offset that via tree planting. All our deliveries booked through P4D automatically make use of this feature. OxTreeGreen have various tree planting projects across the UK, increasing the size of existing woodland, reducing soil erosion and water run off from steep land, forming windbreaks for livestock, replanting hedges. I know some people are sceptical about offsetting but these projects are good in their own right even if you ignore the carbon capture element.

CO2 saving stoves in Guatemala and El Salvador

justa stove Every month we subsidise a Justa stove which is built in Guatemala or El Salvador. Each of these stoves saves on average 5 tons of CO2 over a 5 year period and improves the lives of the families that have them.

Read more about the Justa stove project here