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Stove maintenance guide

Like any machine your stove needs to have a regular check over. On most stoves this is a pretty straightforward task and the maintenance can easily be carried out by the stove owner.

Follow these 8 easy steps to get the most from your stove

  1. If it is a multifuel stove, check that the grate is in good condition and that it riddles easily. If the grate is cracked or distorted, replace it immediately - too much distortion and it can jam the riddling mechanism or jam in the stove.
  2. Check the firebricks if it has them. If a brick is damaged or cracked so that a piece could fall out, then change it immediately. A missing piece of brick can cause a cast iron stove to crack or a steel stove to distort.
  3. Check the stove's ashpan for holes. Hot ash leaking from an ashpan burns carpets.
  4. Check the firerope seals around the doors and glass of the stove. Replace badly frayed or missing firerope. A good way to check the door seal is by closing the door over a thin piece of paper - it should be difficult to pull the paper out again.
  5. On a cast iron stove, check the seals between the side and top plates. If there are gaps reseal with fire cement.
  6. Check the finish on the stove. Particularly on a cast iron stove, excessive rusting can cause problems. Rub down with a wire brush or steel wool and re-spray with heat resistant paint or re-polish with black grate polish.
  7. Check the glass for cracks and clean off black tar deposits with glass cleaner.
  8. During summer, always leave a vent or door open in the stove to stop condensation build up inside it or in the chimney.

Stove maintenance is very important and it doesn't take much time to maintain your stove properly.