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Morso Contemporary Free Standing Stoves

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Morso Viking 7110 Stove
Morso 7110 StoveRRP £2,349.00£2,230.00 inc. VAT

Morso 7943 stove
Morso 7943 stoveRRP £3,680.00£3,495.00 inc. VAT

04 multifuel stove
04 multifuel stoveRRP £1,749.00£1,660.00 inc. VAT

The Morso 04 is a clean designed UK-style box-shaped stove.

Morso 6140 woodburning stove
Morso 6140 woodburning stoveRRP £2,149.00£2,040.00 inc. VAT

The 6100 come in 4 different formats. The 6140 is the smallest model and the firebox will of course be the same on all 4 models.

Morso 6143 woodburning stove
Morso 6143 woodburning stoveRRP £2,349.00£2,230.00 inc. VAT

The 6143 has a taller log store under the stove making the height 950mm.

Morso 6148 woodburning stove
Morso 6148 woodburning stoveRRP £2,349.00£2,230.00 inc. VAT

The Morso 6148 is a pedestal model and gives a taller firebox. This in turn makes it easier to feed the fire as you do not need to bend down to reach the door handle.

Morso 7440 stove
Morso 7440 stoveRRP £2,919.00£2,775.00 inc. VAT

Morso 7443 stove
Morso 7443 stoveRRP £2,869.00£2,725.00 inc. VAT