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Morso Stoves

Morso make some of the most reliable, well made stoves on the market. When we started our stove business I would restore many tall cylindrical cast iron Morso stoves that were made in the 1800's. A Morso that had seen over 100 years of use would be restored to full working order ready for the next 100 years.

Of course Morso have kept with the times, adapting their designs to keep up with modern trends, whilst still keeping an eye on classic Danish design, and maintaining quality. Morso make efficient woodburners, mostly in cast iron, with many in the range now approved for woodburning in smoke control areas. Many Morso stoves can produce amazing and beautiful flame patterns - you can go from a roaring inferno, down to slowly swirling flames just hanging in the firebox, at the push of a control. But they are not just for looks - Morso stoves are designed to be used day in, day out with 5kW models to suit the smaller room up to the 16kW 3610 - more than big enough for most rooms.

You generally find that Morso owners are very loyal, and more than ready to enthuse about their stove at length. So don't let yourself get cornered by a Morso owner unless you have the time!

Morso Squirrel Stoves

The Morso Squirrel is a rugged stove that has sold thousands over the years.

Morso Badger Stove

The latest 4.5Kw Morso multifuel stove, the Morso Badger, has clean contemporary lines & typical Morso efficiency.

Morso 6100 stoves

The 6140, 6143 and 6148 combine the looks and controlled burning you get from a modern designer stove, with the practical ruggedness and build quality of the other Morso stoves: these are designer stoves designed to be used every day.

Morso 7400 Stoves

The new Morso 7400 series celebrates the 160th Morso anniversary by combining modern elements of woodburning stoves with a classic design. The 7400 series are all Defra exempt too. These stoves are a great size and fit perfectly into any room.

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