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Nordpeis Contemporary Stoves

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Nordpeis Authorised DealerThe Nordpeis range of woodburning stoves offers something for almost every situation; the traditional looking Heritage for large inglenook fireplaces, the cute little Smarty that can change it's guise to suit the style of room, the Boston which has it's own ceramic housing, not to mention the Boston and Orion stoves.


Nordpeis Bergen stove
Nordpeis Bergen stove£1,375 inc. VAT

The simple but elegant design of the Nordpeis Bergen would suit almost any style of setting. The Bergen has a nominal output of 5kw, but has a large firebox so should be able to produce around 7kw if needed. The large rectangular glass window gives a great view of the flames.

Nordpeis Odense stove
Nordpeis Odense stove£3,235 inc. VAT

A highly efficient stove which can be installed into a corner of a room or left freestanding with the Odense surround which can be painted to match your home decor.

Nordpeis Quadro 1 Stove
Nordpeis Quadro 1 Stove£2,930 inc. VAT

Nordpeis Quadro 2 Stove
Nordpeis Quadro 2 Stove£2,675 inc. VAT

Nordpeis Duo 1 stove
Nordpeis Duo 1 stove£2,430 inc. VAT

The Nordpejs Duo series have 4 models. The Duo 1 has a pedestal base.

Nordpeis Duo 2 stove
Nordpeis Duo 2 stove£2,665 inc. VAT

The Duo 2 is probably the most unusual model - this has a side loading log store so that the logs are not visible from the front of the model.

Nordpeis Duo 4 stove
Nordpeis Duo 4 stove£2,885 inc. VAT

The Duo 4 has a door on the compartment below the fire door.

Nordpeis Duo 5 stove
Nordpeis Duo 5 stove£1,970 inc. VAT

The Nordpejs Duo 5 has a sealed compartment below the firebox. This makes the stove quite clean lined and also the least expensive option of this model.