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Nordpeis Wood Burning Contemporary Stoves

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Nordpeis Bergen stove
Nordpeis Bergen stoveRRP £1,895.00£1,755.00 inc. VAT

The simple but elegant design of the Nordpeis Bergen would suit almost any style of setting. The Bergen has a nominal output of 5kw, but has a large firebox so should be able to produce around 7kw if needed. The large rectangular glass window gives a great view of the flames.

Nordpeis Quadro 1 Stove
Nordpeis Quadro 1 with Top plate on PedestalRRP £3,999.00£3,530.00 inc. VAT

Nordpeis Quadro 2 Stove
Nordpeis Quadro 2 with Top Plate on BaseRRP £2,949.00£2,800.00 inc. VAT