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Dik Geurts Odin Stoves

Dik Geurts Odin Stove

Dik Geurts Odin Stove
Dik Geurts Odin Stove Odin controls close up
Odin controls close up
Dik Geurts Odin Stove Odin Door close up
Odin Door close up
Dik Geurts Odin Stove Odin firebox
Odin firebox
Dik Geurts Odin Stove Odin Plateau
Odin Plateau
Dik Geurts Odin Stove Odin Tunnel Double Sided Stove
Odin Tunnel Double Sided Stove
Dik Geurts Odin Stove Odin Wall Bend
Odin Wall Bend
Dik Geurts Odin Stove Odin Wall Mounted
Odin Wall Mounted
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There is no doubt that the Odin woodburning stove will catch the eye and become the central focus to the space that it inhabits. The barrel-shaped firebox allows the flames of the fire to move in a magical way behind the circular glass window. The heat output of 4 – 8kw is easily controlled by the single lever situated at the base of the cylinder.

There are five different versions of the Odin allowing the stove to be fitted in a wide variety of settings. The Odin Plateau, pictured above has been very cleverly designed so that the stove and bench are integral to each other, the stove resting snugly into the curve of the combined logstore and bench – a very neat solution.  There are two versions of the Odin Plateau; the single sided model and the double sided model which is called the Odin Tunnel Plateau.

The Odin Wall is the wall hung version, this too is available in two different styles.

The two Odin Fixed models are the suspended models, the stove appearing to hang from the chimney which disappears up through the ceiling. The double sided suspended model is ideal for fitting centrally in a large space, the flue supporting the stove.

the Dik Geurts Odin Stove is Ecodesign Ready

Stoves like the Dik Geurts Odin Stove will typically burn 90% cleaner than an open fire. They are also a pleasure to use, way more efficient and do not suck huge amounts of cold air through your home.

Advanced modern stoves are part of the solution to improving our air quality.

We think its also time to Ban open fires in cities.


Requires Continental stove adaptor 134-150mm


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Dik Geurts Odin Wall MountedPOA
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Optional Extras
Dik Geurts Odin External air spigot 80mm POA
Clearline starter length 38-150-250POA
Elevated ash thresholdPOA

The Dik Geurts Odin Stove includes free delivery within England and parts of WalesThe Dik Geurts Odin Stove includes free delivery within the orange area on the map. Further delivery details.

International Tree Foundation logoStovesonline in partnership with the ITF will plant and look after 2 trees for every stove bought; helping to maintain our tree stock and ensure wood remains an environmentally friendly fuel.

When you order your Dik Geurts Odin Stove from us it can come with three of the following things:

A length of single skin flue pipe allows you to connect your Dik Geurts Odin Stove to your chimney. Please ask a member of our team to explain the different lengths and types of flue component which you can pick from.
A Stovesonline firewood moisture meter: regardless of which stove you choose one thing which always has a huge effect on how well it will work is how dry your firewood is. Our moisture meter allows you test and measure that yourself.
16 bio-bean Coffee Logs: eco heat logs are formed from the thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grains produced every year. Each log lasts an hour so 16 hours of free burning.

We pride ourselves on offering a great service before, during, and after you have dealt with us. We hope this will quickly become apparent to you. At the same time we like to balance that by being competitive and we are keen for you to choose us. If you happen to be offered a better deal elsewhere then we do not want to lose you so please let us know and we will do our best to match or beat it.

Flue Design Service Use our Flue Design Service for the Dik Geurts Odin Stove

Would you like us to design & spec. your chimney or liner system? Just use our
Flue Design Service

If the window of your stove is becoming blackened then this may be a sign that you are burning it too slowly. Try turning the air control up until you see a good flame pattern - when the stove is hot and the wood all burning you should not really see smoke in the firebox if you are running the stove efficiently

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