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Nestor Martin Stoves

Nestor Martin are a European company that have been around for over 150 years so there is no doubt that they know their craft. Manufacturing cast iron stoves is where their heritage lies, however they have now developed their ranges to include contemporary steel stoves, both freestanding and inserts with updated technology that you would expect from this well respected company. The range of stoves with varying heat outputs is wide so you are likely to find a model to suit your room size, each individual stove being highly controllable. We particularly like the option of a side-loading door which is a feature in the traditional Harmony range. We can supply all Nestor Martin stoves, so if you do not find the one that you are looking for please give us a call.

Nestor Martin Harmony 23 Stove Nestor Martin Traditional Stoves (7)
Nestor Martin Harmony 13 Stove Nestor Martin Free Standing Stoves (7)
Nestor Martin Harmony 13 Stove Nestor Martin Wood Burning Stoves (4)
Nestor Martin Harmony 23 Stove Nestor Martin Multifuel Stoves (3)


Nestor Martin H series

The Nestor Martin H series of stoves have an optional remote control; select the temperature you want for your room, and the stove will do the rest. The door is double-glazed improving controllability and efficiency.

Nestor Martin Stanford Stoves

The Nestor Martin Stanford range are top quality traditional cast iron stoves.

Popular Nestor Martin Stoves

Nestor Martin Harmony 13 Stove

A traditional 5kw cast iron stove with 21st technology.

Nestor Martin Harmony 23 Stove

This multfuel cast iron stove has a nominal heat output between 7-8kw with a pretty decent fuel efficiency of 78%. 

Nestor Martin Harmony 33 Stove

The 9kw nominal heat output of the Harmony 33 will suit larger rooms.

Nestor Martin Stanford 13 EcoDesign Stove with Nickel Handle

Nestor Martin Stanford 23 stove

Nestor Martin Stanford 33 Stove

Nestor Martin Stanford 12  Plus Cooktop stove

The cast iron top of this stove hinges back allowing you to place your cooking pans directly on top of the stove.

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