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Opus Cubic Stoves

Opus Double Sided Insert Stoves

The double sided models bring life and warmth to two rooms when installed in a dividing wall or create a stunning focal point as an island in a large open plan area.

Opus Double Sided Stoves

Freestanding stoves that light up the space around them. One fire spreading its flickering orange glow into two rooms.

Opus Tempo 60 Stove
Opus Tempo 60 Stove£1,450 inc. VAT

Clean, linear and compact, the Opus Tempo 60 is the smallest in the range and can go where the larger models cannot. The Tempo 60 is a 4.8kW, A rated woodburner. 

Opus Tempo 70 stove
Opus Tempo 70£1,615 inc. VAT

The smallest of the Opus Tempos yet it has the biggest window of any 5 kW stove on the market.

Opus Tempo 70 Double Sided Inset

The Opus Tempo 70i DS

Opus Tempo 70 F stove
Opus Tempo 70 F£1,450 inc. VAT

The Freestanding version of the popular Opus Tempo 70 woodburning stove.

Opus Tempo 70i inset stove

Opus Tempo 80 DS stove
Opus Tempo 80 DS stove£3,335 inc. VAT