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Woodfire RH inset stoves

The new Woodfire range of convecting insert stoves include a lot of different models covering a wide range of outputs.There are both single and double sided stoves, as well as the Panorama models that give an even wider view of the fire. There is a choice of side opening doors or counter-balanced vertical lift doors that disappear into the wall above at the touch of a finger.

The great advantage of a convecting stove is that it never overheats the area around it. A free-standing stove needs to send out a lot of radiant heat to get the warmth to reach the other end of the room, so it can become uncomfortably hot if you are sitting too near it. A convecting insert, on the other hand, will put out some radiant heat from the window to warm the area in front of it, but the majority of its heat is spread as warmed air. The stove draws cool air in from the floor area through the lower vents, it gets heated as it is drawn around the stove body, the warmed air then flows through the top vents and is released into the room. And all this is done silently by natural convection.

A convecting Woodfire stove will naturally spread its heat further than a radiant woodburner but warmth from the stove can also be ducted to other rooms in the house, enabling the stove to take on an even greater part in the heating of your home.

Woodfire RH insert stoves

Woodfire RH insert stoves

We really like these contemporary but classic room heating, dry insert stoves. The Woodfire RH insert stove is available in one size only while the lifting door models are available in several different formats.  To assist the spread of heat within the room discreet air grilles can be fitted below and above the stove so encouraging the circulation of air around the firebox creating convected heat.

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Woodfire RH LD insert stoves

Woodfire RH LD insert stoves

The new Woodfire non-boiler range of insert stoves now include models that have a vertical-lifting door. These insert stoves offer a clean, sophisticated way of heating your home while considering the environment.

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