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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source heat pumps are an efficient way to heat your home using electricity. Even just connected to the UK national grid their carbon emissions are many times lower than heating with gas, and this obviously improves when run on a renewable electricity supply.

An airsource heat pump is installed outside your house with enough space for good airflow around the unit.

The heat that they pull from the air is there because of the warmth of the sun and so this is the ultimate source of the heat. An airsource heat pump uses electricity to run a compressor/pump (like your fridge has) and to power a fan to blow lots of air over a big heat exchange radiator (like a car has). The Coefficient of Performance (or COP) is a measure of the efficiency of the heat pump and is the ratio between kWh of electricity consumed and kWh of heat produced. So a COP of 2.5 means that for each kWh of electricity used the heat pump will produce 2.5 kWh of heat.


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Popular Air Source Heat Pumps
Clivet Edge Evo 21 - 4.8kW
Clivet Edge Evo 21 - 4.8kW£3,155.29 inc. VAT

Clivet Edge Evo 31 - 6.7kW
Clivet Edge Evo 31 - 6.7kW£3,393.97 inc. VAT

Clivet Edge Evo 41 - 8.6kW
Clivet Edge Evo 41 - 8.6kW£3,741.42 inc. VAT

Clivet Edge Evo 61 - 12.4kW
Clivet Edge Evo 61 - 12.4kW£4,846.33 inc. VAT

Clivet Edge Evo 71 - 14.1kW
Clivet Edge Evo 71 - 14.1kW£5,195.41 inc. VAT

Clivet Edge Evo 81 - 16.2kW
Clivet Edge Evo 81 - 16.2kW£5,501.47 inc. VAT