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Fondis Visualiser

See for yourself how a Fondis inset stove will look in your home

The Fondis visualiser app lets you see what your Fondis will look like in your room. Look at your room through the camera on your device and the app will let you see the stove to scale and proportion. Full details are also to be found in the Fondis brochure.

The Fondis Visualiser app lets you see how stunning a Fondis inset stove will look in your home for yourself.

  • ArtBeamer is a simple app that allows you, in real-time, to see how fabulous a Fondis stove looks in the home. Download and install the ArtBeamer app from the Apple App store or Android Play Store. Just search for "Artbeamer". Instructions are of course also included with the app and in the Fondis brochure.
  • Print a target page. The App can email you one, or you can find one in the brochure. Stick the page, with the 'pebbles' side showing, on the wall where you would like to see the stove.
  • Enter the shortcode 016487 into the app to access our account. You can also enter any product-specific shortcodes which are shown in the brochure.
  • Once you have selected your desired stove simply press "Beam". Stand around 1.5 m in front of the target and point the camera of your device towards it. The chosen stove should pop into existence in place of the target and you can then view it from different angles and distances.
  • You can also take pictures of the final result from the app.

My name is Jack, I am the Fondis expert here and I am here to help. Each Fondis stove installation is different and unique, hence I am here to provide help, information and the tailored and bespoke service which you would of course expect from Fondis. You can contact me by phoning 01237 473900 or by email on jack@stovesonline.co.uk