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Cordivari Thermal Stores

Cordivari Combi 1 thermal stores Cordivari Combi 2 thermal stores Cordivari Buffer Thermal Stores Cordivari FIT thermal stores

Cordivari thermal stores are made in Italy and all of their thermal stores that we feature here are intended for storing up heat from biomass boilers and boiler stoves, to then be used for your central heating system. You can also link in your conventional boiler and the store then becomes the central point where your heat is provided. You can also use the heat from the Buffer to heat a domestic hot water tank, just as you may already do with your existing boiler.  

There are 4 pairs of tappings down each side of the tank, several probe pockets for controls and an immersion port roughly half way up. The soft fleece insulation is removable which can make installation a bit easier, and the insulation has a grey PVC outer jacket which is finished off with a separate cover for the top of the tank. 

Here we offer three types; the Puffer tanks are the most simple and are a for use with biomass boilers, the Combi 1 adds in a large coil for domestic hot wate, and the Combi 2 then adds in a coil for solar thermal input. 

Combi 2

As well as the full-height domestic hot water coil the Combi 2 has an additional coil at the bottom of the tank which can be used to connect to solar thermal. Flange covers for the tapping points are included and the warranty is 5yrs.

Combi 1

The Combi 1 thermal store adds in a large stainless steel heat exchange coil for domestic hot water which runs the full height of the tank. This means that the coil is able to pick up ‘lower grade’ heat from the lower portion of the tank first. Flange covers for the tapping points are included and the warranty is 5yrs.


These Cordivari Buffer/FIT tanks are the most simple of their thermal stores that we offer here. They have no additional coils so are a place to connect heat sources together, and to store up lots of heat.

Model Entity OverridePrice
Cordivari Buffer/Fit Tank
1000 FIT Soft Fleece 1010mm2130mm946£1,470.00 inc. VAT
1500 FIT Soft Fleece 1210mm2250mm1454£2,240.00 inc. VAT
2000 FIT Soft Fleece 1360mm2320mm1973£2,780.00 inc. VAT
3000 Buffer Soft Fleece 1450mm2814mm2915£6,720.00 inc. VAT
5000 Buffer Soft Fleece 1800mm2929mm4985£11,050.00 inc. VAT
600 FIT Soft Fleece 750mm1620mm560£1,210.00 inc. VAT
800 FIT Soft Fleece 1010mm1840mm805£1,390.00 inc. VAT
Cordivari Combi 1
1000 Eco Combi 1 Soft Fleece 1010mm2130mm944£4,070.00 inc. VAT
1500 Eco Combi 1 Soft Fleece 1210mm2250mm1432£6,020.00 inc. VAT
500 Eco Combi 1 Hard Foam 750mm1620mm478£2,880.00 inc. VAT
800 Eco Combi 1 Soft Fleece 1010mm1840mm803£3,620.00 inc. VAT
Cordivari Combi 2
1000 Eco Combi 2 Soft Fleece 1010mm2130mm944£4,660.00 inc. VAT
1500 Eco Combi 2 Soft Fleece 1210mm2250mm1432£6,860.00 inc. VAT
500 Eco Combi 2 Hard Foam 750mm1620mm478£3,240.00 inc. VAT
800 Eco Combi 2 Soft Fleece 1010mm1840mm803£4,110.00 inc. VAT