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Clivet EVO air source heat pumps

Clivet EVO air source heat pumps Clivet EVO air source heat pumps

There are a range of different sizes of Clivet EVO air source heat pumps with heat outputs from 4.8 kW to 16.2 kW. The full range are MCS registered and so will qualify for use under the BUS (Boiler Upgrade Scheme) grant. 

With air source heat pumps a fan is used to suck a high volume of air through a heat exchanger very like the radiator on a car. Heat is taken from the air, the temperature is increased and then used to heat your home or provide hot water. Clivet EVO heatpumps can run in two modes - heating up your hot water cylinder to provide domestic hot water at a high temperature, and then switching to running the heating for your home at a lower temperature.

You will see a figure called a COP given for heat pumps. This is the Coefficient of Performance and is the ratio between electrical energy used and heat produced. So if the COP is 3 that means that for every kWh of electricity consumed the heat pump will provide 3 kWh of heat. 

The heat outputs and COP values shown on this page are measured when the air source heat pump is providing a flow temperature of 45ºC and the air temperature outside is 6/7ºC. The heat output and COP of heat pumps varies depending on what the air temperature is and what temperature the heat pump has to provide. The COP is the You will find full tables of different values at different flow temperatures and at different outside air temperatures. Your installer will use this information to select the right heat pump for you, making sure that it is able to heat your home on the coldest days. 

Model Price
Clivet Edge Evo 2.0 8.1 - 16.0kW - 3 Phase       £7,388.34 inc. VAT
Clivet Edge Evo 2.0 7.1 - 14.0kW - 3 Phase       £7,072.07 inc. VAT
Clivet Edge Evo 2.0 6.1 - 12.0kW - 3 Phase       £6,441.36 inc. VAT
Clivet Edge EVO 2.0 - 8.1 - (16.2kW)865mm526mmA++Air source heat pump16kW3.545ºC flow / 7ºC air temperature£7,156.60 inc. VAT
Clivet Edge EVO 2.0 - 7.1 - (14.1kW)865mm526mmA++Air source heat pump14.1kW3.645ºC flow / 7ºC air temperature£6,862.14 inc. VAT
Clivet Edge EVO 2.0 - 6.1 - (12.4kW)865mm526mmA++Air source heat pump12.3kW3.745ºC flow / 7ºC air temperature£6,245.06 inc. VAT
Clivet Edge EVO 2.0 - 5.1 (10kW)865mm526mmA++Air source heat pump10kW3.7545ºC flow / 7ºC air temperature£5,518.93 inc. VAT
Clivet Edge EVO2.0 - 4.1 - (8.6kW)1385mm526mmA++Air source heat pump8.1kW3.8545ºC flow / 7ºC air temperature£4,863.68 inc. VAT
Clivet Edge EVO2.0 - 3.1 - (6.7kW)718mm429mmA++Air source heat pump6.3kW3.745ºC flow / 7ºC air temperature£4,484.71 inc. VAT
Clivet Edge EVO2.0 - 2.1 - (4.8kW)718mm429mmA++Air source heat pump4.3kW3.845ºC flow / 7ºC air temperature£3,916.70 inc. VAT
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