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Invicta Stoves

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Invicta made some truly unique stoves. Unlike many manufacturers Invicta make the majority of their stoves, many of which are really contemporary designs, from cast iron which already sets them apart. But Invicta also walk their own path - they seem to consistently come up with unique and individual designs, funky and imaginative shapes for their stoves. The cast iron finish really shows, these are great quality, modern, solidly made stoves full of character.

Invicta Sedan stoves

A simply designed traditional looking cast iron stove, the Sedan has a large window to the fire, good looking cast iron handle, and some nice understated details on the legs and top of the stove. The Sedan comes as a 15kW, 10kW and 5kw model.

Invicta Brio with legs
Invicta Brio with legs£2,499.00 inc. VAT

Invicta Mandor woodburning stove

A unique oval stove, the Invicta Mandor throws out up to 15kW of heat. Like the other Invicta stoves the Mandor is an efficient cast iron woodburning stove.

Invicta Alcor woodburning stove

The Alcor is a majestic tall contemporary stove with a wide dark frame that sets a nice contrast to the flames. It clearly shows all the attributes of its French design.

Invicta Bradford wood stove
Invicta Bradford wood stove£1,999.00 inc. VAT

The Invicta Bradford is a 9kW cast iron woodburning stove with airwash. The Bradford stove is available in anthracite, ivory enamel, or red enamel.

Invicta Modena wood stove
Invicta Modena wood stove£1,999.00 inc. VAT

A high quality stove with smooth rounded corners and a simple unadulterated design, the Invicta Modena is a 10kW cast iron stove.

Invicta Argos wood stove
Invicta Argos wood stove£2,799.00 inc. VAT

The Invicta Argos is another distinctive, tall cast iron stove from Invicta. In common with some of the other models the Argos is heavily built and is uniquely shaped with a curved cast iron handle to match.

Invicta Chamane woodburning stove

A tall 14kW contemporary stove that looks like no other – the Chamane is a very solid cast iron stove with a high heat output suited to the larger room.

Invicta Pharos woodburning stove

A tall cast iron stove, the Invicta Pharos can be fully rotated, even whilst burning! The Pharos is a 12kW woodburning stove with airwash.

Invicta Itaya woodburning stove

The Invicta Itaya is stunningly different. It's such a wide 15kW woodburner, elegantly strong in design and has an all cast iron construction. This is one of the widest free standing stoves available.

Invicta Tipi Wood Stove
Invicta Tipi Wood Stove£2,999.00 inc. VAT

The Invicta Tipi is a conically shaped tall legged 10kW stove made from the heavy cast iron so typical of Invicta. The design and shape sets this apart from other stoves, it's very unique and you will probably either love it or hate it's quirkiness.

Invicta Ove Woodburning Stove
Invicta Ove Woodburning Stove£2,799.00 inc. VAT

The Ove stove is a very much an Invicta design with its tall oval shape in heavy cast iron this is a 10kW contemporary stove like no other.

Invicta Ovatio Woodburning Stove
Invicta Ovatio Woodburning StoveSpecial Offer Price £2,125.00
(RRP £2,299.00 inc. VAT, save £174.00)

Its French creativity certainly oozes from all aspects of this stove, and is truly something different. This is the smaller version of the Invicta Ove but just as impressive with an average output of 5kW when a focal talking point is your primary objective.

Invicta Pow Wow Wood Stove
Invicta Pow Wow Wood Stove£3,599.00 inc. VAT

The Invicta Pow Wow is the elder brother of the TiPi. The Pow Wow stove shares the same unique shape as the TiPi stove but is larger and has a higher heat output of 14kW.