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Invicta made some truly unique stoves. Unlike many manufacturers Invicta make the majority of their stoves, many of which are really contemporary designs, from cast iron which already sets them apart. But Invicta also walk their own path - they seem to consistently come up with unique and individual designs, funky and imaginative shapes for their stoves. The cast iron finish really shows, these are great quality, modern, solidly made stoves full of character.

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Below are some of the Invicta Stoves that we supply.
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Invicta Sedan stoves

A simply designed traditional looking cast iron stove, the Sedan has a large window to the fire, good looking cast iron handle, and some nice understated details on the legs and top of the stove. The Sedan comes as a 15kW, 10kW and 5kw model.

Fuel & Style

Invicta Chamane woodburning stove

Wood Burning Invicta Stoves (15)

Invicta Pow Wow Wood Stove

Contemporary Invicta Stoves (15)


Invicta Itaya woodburning stove

Free Standing Invicta Stoves (15)

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