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LK 840 3 way valves

LK 840 3 way mixer valve 22mm LK 840 mixer valve 28mm LK 840 valve with insulation jacket

LK 840 3 way valves are used by an electronic controller to adjust mixed flow temperatures. Usually this is to get the most from home heating, or to adjust boiler cycling temperatures where the flow rate is high. LK 840 electronically actuated 3 way mixer valves LK840 3 way valves are used, with an electronic controller, to adjust the mixed temperature going to a home's heating system, or within a boiler.

The LK 840 is a 3 way mixing valve available with 22mm compression fittings or 28mm screw fittings to be used as mixing valve in a heating system or as a diverting valve. It is combined with the LK 110 Smart controller which will automatically change and regulate the mixed temperature. This can allow for adjustment of your home's heating based on the outside temperature, or it can also be used to give a consistent flow temperature from a boiler where the flow rates are high.

The LK 840 can also come with an insulation jacket as an optional extra.

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LK 840 Thermomix 3 Way Valve 22mm

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LK 840 Thermomix 3 Way Valve 28mm

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LK 840 Insulation Jacket

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