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3 way mixers

LK 551 Hydromix 35-65C Mixer Valve 22mm

The LK 551 Hydromix helps to ensure that the hot water in your house is scald-safe, reduce heat losses in the pipework, and reduce mixing in your thermal store.

LK 821 ThermoVar Solar Diverter 61C 22mm

The LK 821 Thermvar is a diverting valve so water above 61ºC is directed one way, below that temp it is diverted another. This lets you send the hottest water to the top of a thermal store where it is most needed.

LK 840 3 way mixer valves

LK840 3 way valves are used, with an electronic controller, to adjust the mixed temperature going to a home's heating system, or within a boiler.