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Making a new chimney with twin wall flue

If you don't already have a chimney then the good thing is that making a new one is pretty easy and you have a couple of options depending on your type of project. Given a few details you can get us to design your chimney system by using our Flue Design Service. It's a free, no-obligation part of our service. It also helps because when you know what the materials are going to cost you can make a better decision on what type of stove to chose, or whether to chose one at all! We make our money by supplying the parts when you chose to work with us - and our parts are reasonably priced in the first place.

If you'd like to take advantage of our free design service then please click the link below and select your type of installation. Alternatively you can carry on reading and learning about the different options.

Flue design service

Building a new chimney using double skin insulated flue pipe

In a situation where there is no existing chimney; AKW Twin Wall insulated flue pipe allows you to easily build a new chimney.

Double skin insulated flue pipe creates a Class I insulated chimney. The insulation means that the flue gases stay hot as they rise thus reducing tar condensation. This reduces the risk of chimney fire. Even in double skin flue a chimney fire would still ruin the flue pipe and is still very dangerous.

Double skin flue pipe has a larger diameter than single skin flue pipe because of the insulation. Our double skin flue pipe has an external diameter 50 mm (2 inches) wider than the internal diameter. This means that if you use a length of single skin stove flue pipe first that there will be a visible changeover from the narrower single skin flue to the wider double skin flue. It may be that this changeover can occur close to the ceiling (150 mm is the minimum distance) and will not be a problem. In a situation where the room is taller and the changeover would be very visible it looks better to run the entire length in double skin flue pipe.

The flue must be supported every 2 m and must have at least one supporting component. A supporting component takes the weight of the flue system. Supporting components are floor support plate, rafter support bracket, and wall support bracket. The floor support and rafter support are our preferred supporting components for internal installations (they look better and are easier to use), whilst a wall support bracket is used for external installations.

The flue may run within 50 mm of combustible materials and can come with components that make boxing it in easy.

There is a recommendation that double skin flue should be boxed in where it passes through a storage area, i.e. within cupboards or loft spaces, to prevent stuff being accidentally lent against it.

The double skin insulated flue pipe can safely pass through existing floors and through the roof. Our comprehensive range of flashings will keep the exit point in the roof weather proof.

Want us to design your flue system for you? No problem, just click the button below:

Flue design service