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MCS certified products and the renewable heat incentive RHI

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has now ended and been replaced by the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme is on a first-come-first-served basis - so it makes sense to line up some quotes ready for when it launches. You can phone us on 01803 712721 and we will get the ball rolling. 

The Renewable Heat Incentive - RHI

The Renewable Heat Incentive pellet grants are going up! RHI is a grant scheme targeted at renewable heating systems. Biomass boilers, solar thermal, ground and water-source heat pumps are covered but not air source heat pumps.
The RHI is centrally funded, unlike the FIT PV scheme which is funded by additions to utility bills (and so can be viewed as a sort of stealth tax if you were feeling cynical).

RHI Phase I Commercial

If you are a business or part of a community that want to provide heat to a group of houses then Phase I of the RHI is for you. For a biomass boiler you would get a payment of 6.43p per kWh up to a predefined ceiling (they call it a "Tier") after which the rate drops. In the calculations I have done recently it would appear that the ceiling is pretty generous and so you would usually expect to stay within the 7.5p/kWh ceiling as long as the system is correctly sized, and run as it should be.

RHI Phase II Domestic

On 9th April 2014, Ofgem opened the domestic renewable heat incentive scheme. For full details of the new dRHI scheme and how it can benefit you, please visit our Renewable Heat Incentive page.

Update: The dRHI is continuing to run so you can still benefit from this grant scheme. Since March 2016, the DECC have removed the requirement of a Green Deal Assessment from the scheme making it simpler and quicker to apply for the dRHI.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit and earn by choosing a Klover wood pellet boiler

MCS registered pellet, log gasification and biomass boilers

MCS certified products have been certified to ensure that they are of a high quality and meet the standards expected when the are to be supported by a government grant scheme. We have a big choice available. Most Klover wood pellet boilers listed on Stovesonline are MCS certified, as are our Arikazan log gasification boilers and wood pellet boilers (up to 150kW) Arikazan log gasification boilers and Arikazan wood pellet boilers.

Please find links below to the Microgeneration Certification scheme so you can confirm that the models we say are MCS certified are just that.

Link to the list of MCS Certified Klover wood pellet boilers

Link to the list of MCS Certified Arikazan biomass boilers - list 1

Link to the list of MCS Certified Arikazan biomass boilers - list 2

Biomass boilers over 45 kW will need an emissions certificate but do not need to be MCS registered so remember this if you are considering a large log gasification boiler.

Biomass Fuel Suppliers list

The DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) have launched a Biomass Suppliers List to allow homes and businesses to search for RHI compliant fuel suppliers.
As of Spring 2015, all Biomass heat installations with the RHI grant will have to show that their fuel is from an accredited supplier. If you come under the non-domestic installation, you can choose to self-report in agreement with sustainability criteria.
If you don't get your fuel from an accredited supplier from the Biomass Suppliers List, further RHI payments will cease when the list is enforced from Spring 2015. Visit this website to find you're nearest accredited fuel supplier.