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Pumice Chimney liner - Fitting pumice liners to existing chimneys UK

Pumice chimney liners provide a permanent masonry insulated chimney. We can supply pumice chimney liners and pre-formed chimney sections, both for new build chimneys and for re-lining existing chimneys.

Method for relining existing chimneys with pumice liners

pumice chimney liners uk The pumice chimney liners are lowered down from the top by a rope running beneath the first pumice liner. As it is lowered each 600mm length is jointed to the next using lip glue and steel collars. When the first pumice liner reaches the gather or support block at the bottom the rope is removed and the cavity is back filled using a 20:1 mix of leca chimney insulation and cement.

pumice chimney liners uk If there is a bend in the chimney then a hole is made in the chimney wall at that point, the first straight lengths of pumice liner are lowered down through that hole until that point is reached, then an offset is positioned and the rest of the straight sections of pumice liner lowered down onto that from above.

Creating a new chimney with pumice liners

The picture below details a typical installation of pumice liners to create a new chimney for use with a fireplace.
typical installation of pumice chimney liners with a fireplace
Below is the typical installation of pumice chimney liners when using a stove.
typical installation of pumice chimney liners with a stove
A more detailed front on view of a pumice liner system chimney for a stove:
typical installation of pumice chimney liners with a stove

Pumice chimney liners are available in sizes from 130mm to 1000mm, although the common ones used for stoves are 125mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm, along with 15*, 30* and 45* bends, access blocks, support blocks, adaptors etc.

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