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Pumice chimney liners

Pumice chimney liner

Pumice liner for chimneys

Pumice liners can be used to line an existing chimney or when building a new insulated chimney suitable for a stove.

Lining an existing chimney

Although the materials may cost no more than using a class 1 flexible liner, the time and labour involved is considerably more.

Please see our lining a chimney with pumice chimney liners which has diagrams showing typical linings.

The first liner has notches cut onto its base to allow a rope to be secured under it. This enables the liners to be lowered down the chimney, each one joined to the next using steel collars and lip glue. The rope controls the rate of descent until the first liner reaches its position on the gather or support block, then the knot can be loosened and the rope removed. A leca mix of twenty leca to one cement is then poured down the chimney to surround the liners.

If the chimney has a bend in it, the chimney wall must be opened up at that point, the liners fitted up to the offset, then a preformed bend fitted and the rest of the liners lowered onto it from above.

Building a new insulated chimney

Round pumice liners are ideal for this and, with a leca backfill, give you a fully insulated chimney, perfect for using with a stove.

The chimney surround is usually made of brick or concrete block, each 600mm long liner rebates into the one below it with a line of lip glue, and the leca backfill can be added as the chimney goes up. We do a range of access blocks, bends, support blocks, cappings and adaptors to cover virtually any permutation of chimney.

Pumice chimney liner
125MM - 150MM LINER ADAPTER£73.03
150MM - 175MM LINER ADAPTER£82.99
150MM - 200MM LINER ADAPTER£82.99
175MM - 200MM LINER ADAPTER£82.99
SUPPORT BLOCK£38.24£44.98£51.73
LINER SECTIONS - 600MM£40.20£48.30£50.40
ACCESS BLOCKS£22.46£42.70
45 DEGREE BEND£54.94£71.27£74.02
30 DEGREE BEND£54.94£71.27£74.02
15 DEGREE BEND£54.94£71.27£74.02
45 DEGREE TEE£125.58£135.98

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