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ACR Contemporary Stoves

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ACR Osprey 5 Stove
ACR Osprey 5 Stove£1,998.00 inc. VAT

ACR Osprey 8 Stove
ACR Osprey 8 Stove£2,160.00 inc. VAT

ACR Osprey eVe with log-store
ACR Osprey eVe with log-store£2,199.00 inc. VAT

ACR Neo 1C stove
ACR Neo 1C stove£2,375.00 inc. VAT

The Neo 1C EcoDesign has a large curved glass window in the front of the stove with a handy cupboard beneath the firebox.

ACR Neo 1P stove
ACR Neo 1P stove£2,360.00 inc. VAT

The highly contemporary ACR Neo pedestal model.

ACR Neo 1F stove
ACR Neo 1F stove£2,155.00 inc. VAT

The Neo 1F EcoDesign is the shortest model in the range of Neo contemporary stoves and is designed to fit into existing fireplace openings.

ACR Neo 3C stove
ACR Neo 3C stove£2,545.00 inc. VAT

Similar to the Neo 1C EcoDesign but with even more window to see the fire through

ACR Neo 3P stove
ACR Neo 3P stoveSpecial Offer Price £2,215.00
(Normal price £2,515.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £300.00)

The superb Neo EcoDesign pedestal stove but with even more glass

ACR Neo 3F stove
ACR Neo 3F stove£2,390.00 inc. VAT

The Neo 3F EcoDesign is a compact contemporary stove similar to the Neo 1F. However, this model has the extra side glass panels, which means the flames can be seen through the sides of the stove as well as the front.

ACR Tenbury T400 Inset Stove
ACR Tenbury T400 Inset StoveRRP £1,160.00£985 inc. VAT

ACR Tenbury T400 is a 5kW inset stove.

ACR Tenbury T550 Inset Stove
ACR Tenbury T550 Inset StoveRRP £1,590.00£1,350.00 inc. VAT

ACR Tenbury T550 is a 5kW inset stove with a larger firebox.