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ACR Stoves

ACR StovesAll ACR stoves are suitable for smoke-controlled areas, making them an ideal choice for city dwellers. The traditional stoves are multifuel and include models like the Earlswood and Malvern, among others.

The contemporary models, such as the Neo range and the Osprey, feature large glass doors providing an excellent view of the fire. They come with standard features like clean burn and air wash, meeting the expectations for modern functionality. Explore the wide range of options available.

ACR Contemporary stoves

ACR Neo stoves are all Defra Exempt, 5kw, and efficient. If you are building a new house which will be highly insulated the Neo will suit as you are able to connect the stove directly to the outside using our direct air kit.

ACR Traditional stoves

Good morning! Here's a revised version: The ACR Traditional stove range features captivating models such as the Rowandale, Hopwood, and Earlswood, among others. The versatile Malvern comes in several guises, making it suitable for a variety of settings. All models within this range are multifuel.

ACR Inset Stoves

The ACR Inset Range include the contemporary Tenbury range.

ACR Woodpecker Stoves

ACR Woodpecker Stoves are great value with a modern design, ecodesign 2020 ready and can use external air as well.

ACR Pizza Ovens

Enjoy a slice of hot pizza cooked in seconds by these woodfired pizza ovens.

ACR Osprey Stoves

Feel the cozy vibes with our new Osprey Stoves! They're designed to make your place warm and stylish. Picture a log-burning stove that's not just charming but also heats up your home all year round. The Osprey range is like the heart of your house, giving off warmth and comfort. It's built with care, making it look cool and eco-friendly at the same time.

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