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Stoves come in many shapes, sizes and types. Modern stoves can burn efficiently over a much wider range of heat outputs - so you can run a modern one slowly but it will still give out far lower particulate emissions than old models.

There are a lot of stoves available so please do let our expert team help point you in the right direction; just contact us. We would love to guide you through the various stove choices, provide help & advice and free installation design to make sure it all goes smoothly.

We can help with everything from a small burner for your shepherd's hut, right up to a fully automated renewable heating system.

Esse 1 Eco Design Ready Wood
Esse 1 EcoDesign Ready WoodSpecial Offer Price £560.00
(RRP £693.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £133.00)

Esse 105 EcoDesign Ready Stove
Esse 105 EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,767.00£1,606.00 inc. VAT

Esse 155 EcoDesign Ready Stove
Esse 155 EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,658.00£1,507.00 inc. VAT

Esse 175 F EcoDesign Ready Stove
Esse 175 F EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,960.00£1,782.00 inc. VAT

Esse 175 B EcoDesign Ready Stove
Esse 175 B EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,966.00£1,787.50 inc. VAT

Esse 500 SE vista multifuel stove
Esse 500 EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,162.00£1,056.00 inc. VAT

The Esse 500 SE vista stoves are good looking cast iron 5 kw stoves with an efficiency of over 80% and a large curved topped glass to admire the flames through.

Esse 525 SE designer stove
Esse 525 SE designer stoveRRP £1,519.00£1,380.50 inc. VAT

The Esse 525 is a designer stove made here in the UK. One of the things that distinguishes the 525 (apart from its stainless steel tubular legs) is that it is a multifuel stove – most contemporary stoves are woodburning only.

Esse 550 SE multifuel stove
Esse 550 EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,059.00£962.50 inc. VAT

The Esse 550 SE multifuel stove.

Esse Bakeheart Stove
Esse Bakeheart StoveRRP £3,467.00£3,120.00 inc. VAT

This A+ rated stove from Esse combines wood-fired cooking in the baking oven and on its four-zoned cooking hob, whilst providing radiant heat for the room.

Esse Warmheart Stove
Esse Warmheart StoveRRP £2,269.00£2,045.00 inc. VAT

Esse's Warmheart model allows you to boil a kettle and cook a meal on your stove.

Esse Warmheart S EcoDesign Stove
Esse Warmheart S EcoDesign StoveRRP £2,000.00£1,800.00 inc. VAT

Presenting the small Eco Design Esse cooking stove.

Esse ironheart range cooker stove
Esse Ironheart Ecodesign range cooker stoveRRP £5,717.00£5,145.00 inc. VAT

Esse Lightheart wood cook stove
Esse Lightheart wood cook stoveRRP £3,500.00£3,182.00 inc. VAT