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Westfire Contemporary Free Standing Stoves

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Westfire 23 Curve with 100mm legs
Westfire Uniq 23 Curve with 100mm legsSpecial Offer Price £895.00
(Normal price £1,035 inc. VAT, save £140.00)

The Westfire 23 Uniq Curved model is available with 100mm legs as pictured as well as side glass model, block base or pedestal versions.

Westfire 37 Pedestal stove

The Westfire 37 is available in 2 variations. Both stoves have the same firebox and the pedestal model will have a pedestal at the base of the stove.

Westfire 37 stove
Westfire Uniq 37 stove£1,490 inc. VAT

The westfire 37 with solid base has a side glass as standard.

Westfire 15 stove
Westfire Uniq 15 stove£1,575 inc. VAT

The Westfire Uniq 15 is another of my favourites – the rounded shape, the proportions, the large window all make for a very nice looking stove.

Westfire 26 stove
Westfire Uniq 26 stove£1,885 inc. VAT

The Westfire 26 is a 4.4kW (nominal output) contemporary woodburning stove with an impressively large window giving a good, uninterrupted, view of the flames. The 26 can be fitted with the optional direct air connection making it suitable for well insulated homes.

Westfire 35 stove
Westfire Uniq 35 stove£1,190 inc. VAT

The Westfire 35 is a stylish and elegant multifuel stove that gives out 4.3kW of heat to the room. There is also the option of the Westfire 35 SE Defra exempt model.