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Westfire Stoves

Westfire is a Danish company which has its home in windswept Jutland, alongside the North Sea. The Danes are used to severe, cold winters and therefore have developed the art of constructing functional and stylish wood burners to see them through the fiercest of winters. They are known for their contemporary designs of stove with the sort of functionality you need in a modern new build property such as smaller nominal outputs and direct air supply.  

We have been selling Westfire stoves for many years and have had great feedback from our customers. From the very tall soap stone models to the small, simple, square stoves and inserts, there is sure to be the perfect stove for you.
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Below are some of the Westfire Stoves that we supply.
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westfire series one traditional Stove

The Westfire Series One looks quite like a traditional UK stove, but has the high efficiency and controllability of the other Westfire stoves. It has the option to connect it to an external air duct.

Westfire 23 Stoves

The Westfire Uniq 23 stove with its clean lines and large glass window in the door is an ideal stove for either a traditional or contemporary setting. Optional side windows give an angled view of the flames and the pedestal option transforms the Westfire 23 into a much taller stove.

Westfire 37 wood stove

The Westfire 37 is a rounded contemporary stove with side windows letting you see more of those cosy flames.

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Here we have the two Westfire stove stands, the smaller stand suited to the 35 and the larger suited to the 23 and 35.

Fuel & Style

Westfire 15 stove

Wood Burning Westfire Stoves (16)

Westfire 35 stove

Multifuel Westfire Stoves (2)

Westfire 26 stove

Contemporary Westfire Stoves (18)


Westfire 23 Insert Curve Stove

Inset Westfire Stoves (3)

Westfire 21 stove

Free Standing Westfire Stoves (14)

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