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Charnwood Multifuel Stoves

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Charnwood make three main ranges of stoves, the Charnwood Island cleanburning multi fuel stoves, which come in three different models, the contemporary style Charnwood Cove models, again in three different sizes, and their Country range of wood burning stoves, which we feature here.

Like the Charnwood Coves, the Country range is designed to be woodburning, but they can have an optional multifuel grate fitted if required. The boiler models in the Country range are all multifuel and share the same grate system as the Charnwood Island stoves.

Country 4 woodburning stove

The Country 4 is the baby of the range with a heat output of 4kW. The Charnwood Country 4 is a nice looking stove with a relatively simple look and large central window to the firebox.