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Multifuel Stoves

Multifuel Stoves

Hundreds of multi fuel stoves, flue pipe, and everything else you need in stock, ready for speedy delivery. There are a lot of stoves to choose from - you might be happy browsing our website but you can also get help and guidance at any time from our expert team.

Multi fuel stoves let you burn wood or coal. To be able to run on coal a stove needs a robust grate, usually made from cast iron, as the coal gets very hot. Even so the grate is a replaceable part and when burning coal you'd expect to have to replace it a few times during the life of your stove, although there are things which you can do to make it last longer. Multifuel stoves will tend to have dual air controls, one for the air coming up through the grate and one for the air coming in above the fire. That's because when you burn coal you have the top control more or less closed and control the fire using the bottom control. With wood it's the other way around.

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04 multifuel stove Multifuel Contemporary Stoves (89)
Herald 4 Flat top multifuel stove Multifuel Traditional Stoves (38)
Stratford Ecoboiler 12 Cassette boiler stove Multifuel Inset Stoves (13)
Herald 8 Flat top multifuel stove Multifuel Boiler Stoves (6)
Ekol Clarity double sided high stove Multifuel Double Sided Stoves (6)
Wamsler K148 cooker stove Multifuel Cooker Stoves (2)

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