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Aga Stoves

AGA Authorised DealerGenerations of children have grown up with the traditional Aga range cooker in the kitchen. Aga also produce quality cast iron woodburners and multifuel stoves for the living room.  We love the high efficiency rating of the Aga Little Wenlock Classic stove.  The casting quality is very high on all their stoves, we need say no more.


AGA Ellesmere EC5W Stove

Aga Free Standing Stoves (6)

AGA Ellesmere EC5W Stove

Aga Contemporary Stoves (5)

AGA Ellesmere EC5 Stove

Aga Multifuel Stoves (4)

AGA Berrington stove

Aga Wood Burning Stoves (2)

AGA Berrington stove

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AGA Ellesmere EC Stoves

The Ellesmere EC range are the new Ecoready 2020 stoves from AGA.

Popular Aga Stoves

AGA Ellesmere EC4 Stove

The AGA Ellesmere EC4 stove has a characteristically deep shape to the door. It is Defra Exempt meaning you can burn wood on it in a smoke control area and it's under 5kW.

AGA Ellesmere EC5 Stove

AGA Ellesmere EC5 Stove

AGA Ellesmere EC5W Stove

AGA Ellesmere EC5W Stove

£1,064 inc. VAT

AGA Ellesmere EC5W Stove

AGA Ludlow stove

AGA Ludlow EC5 stove

£782 inc. VAT

The new Aga Ludlow continues the Aga tradition of solidly made and efficient multifuel stoves.

AGA Berrington stove

AGA Berrington stove

£1,916 inc. VAT

A high output cast iron multifuel stove from Aga

AGA Lawley stove

A contemporary steel woodburning stove suitable for the smaller room.