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Multifuel Traditional Stoves

ACR Astwood stove Multifuel Traditional Free Standing Stoves (29)
Hunter 80 B multifuel central heating stove Multifuel Traditional Boiler Stoves (5)
Wamsler K148 cooker stove Multifuel Traditional Cooker Stoves (2)
ACR Astwood stove ACR Multifuel Traditional Stoves (5)
Hunter Compact 5 multifuel stove Hunter Multifuel Traditional Stoves (8)
Nestor Martin Harmony 23 Stove Nestor Martin Multifuel Traditional Stoves (6)
Stovax Stockton 8 two door flat top multifuel stove Stovax Multifuel Traditional Stoves (5)
Dovre 250 MFR multifuel stove Dovre Multifuel Traditional Stoves (1)
Country 4 woodburning stove Charnwood Multifuel Traditional Stoves (1)
Morso Squirrel 1412 smokeless zone stove Morso Multifuel Traditional Stoves (3)
Wamsler K148 cooker stove Wamsler Cooker Multifuel Traditional Stoves (2)

Popular Multifuel Traditional Stoves

ACR Malvern stove
ACR Malvern stove£935 inc. VAT

The Malvern is a classic little 5kW burner while the Malvern LS has the integral log store fitted underneath the firebox.

ACR Rowandale stove
ACR Rowandale stoveSpecial Offer Price £1,255.00
(Normal price £1,399 inc. VAT, save £144.00)

For a small 5kw stove the Rowandale has a very wide window on the flames.

ACR Astwood stove
ACR Astwood stove£1,099 inc. VAT

The fine looking 5kw Astwood will suit a medium to large sized room.

Hunter 80 B multifuel central heating stove

The Hunter 80 B is a central heating stove which gives out a whopping 26kW (16kW to the water and 10kW to the room). The 80B is a big stove and can provide enough heat and hot water for even a large house.

Herald 4 Flat top multifuel stove

Giving out 6 kw, the Hunter Herald 4 is the smallest of the Herald range of stoves. As with all the Herald models it has airwashed glass, single or double doors and a choice of flat top, low or high canopy

Herald 8 Flat top multifuel stove

With a maximum output of 11 kw, the Hunter Herald 8 stove can heat a big space or divert some of that heat to run domestic hot water and up to seven radiators.

Stockton 5 multifuel stove

Herald 14 Flat top multifuel stove

The largest of the Heralds, the Hunter Herald 14 multifuel stove can put out up to 16kw or, with a wrap around boiler, heat 10 radiators and do the domestic hot water.

Hunter Compact 5 multifuel stove

A slim compact stove which is ideal for small rooms with a nominal heat output of 4.7kW.

Herald 6 Flat top multifuel stove

The slightly bigger Hunter Herald 6 stove has an output of 7 kW.

Morso Squirrel 1412 smokeless zone stove

Hunter Herald 5 slimline multifuel stove

The Herald 5 slimline is a 4.5kW stove which has a narrow profile allowing it to be installed where some other stoves could not go.

Stovax Huntingdon 25 stove

The smallest cast iron stove in the Huntingdon range.

Wamsler K148 cooker stove
Wamsler K148 cooker stove£3,810 inc. VAT

Wamsler K178 series central heating cooker stove

ACR Earlswood LS stove
ACR Earlswood LS stove£1,080 inc. VAT

The taller version of the Earlswood with integral log store.

Country 4 woodburning stove

The Country 4 is the baby of the range with a heat output of 4kW. The Charnwood Country 4 is a nice looking stove with a relatively simple look and large central window to the firebox.

Dovre 250 MFR multifuel stove

A handsome 5 KW stove, the Dovre 250 multifuel stove has a riddling grate, airwash, and a large glass door panel. Being slightly wider than most other 5 kw multifuel stoves gives the Dovre 250 that extra bit of firebox size so useful when wood burning.

Hunter Hawk multifuel 4D stove

The baby of the Hunter range, the Hawk is designed for the smaller room, yet it still has a large airwashed window and an externally riddled grate which can be set for coal or woodburning, it is available as a 3kw or 4kw model.

Stockton 3 multifuel stove

Stockton 4 multifuel stove

We don't have an image for this right now

Panther 2110 cleanheat cast iron stove

Nestor Martin Harmony 23 Stove

This multfuel cast iron stove has a nominal heat output between 7-8kw with a pretty decent fuel efficiency of 78%. 

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